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ABout Ultimix

Yes, We accept, Cash, Check, ACH, Credit & Debit payments. We require a retainer/deposit to secure the date and total fee to be paid 14 days prior to the event date. Retainer/Deposit amounts are different for each package. Smaller more frequent payments can be made at anytime if that is more convenient for you.

YES, We take your event extremely seriously and do not want anything to keep us from delivering the quality entertainment that you expect. This is more than just a back up computer or speaker, we have addition staff, speakers, computers, mixers, amps, and music all available as back ups. We also continually upgrade and test our equipment to ensure that we can deliver for our clients.

About Weddings

Absolutely, We love creating unique entertainment experiences for our clients and their guests and your musical input helps with that. Do we require them, NO but the more we know about your music tastes the more we can customize the experience to you.

n most cases YES, however, at times we do have clients that ask us not to and in those cases we do not. Our goal is always to create the experience that our client envisions, and we are very flexible to help them bring their vision to life.

Our DJs are all trained  to mix music to keep the music and energy going. We are consistently practicing our craft and working on new mixes to keep our events unique. We do not however treat your event like a night club, we are creating smooth mixes to keep the music & dance floor moving and mixing in song requests as quickly as possible.

YES, we work with our clients and any other vendors working the event to create a timeline of events and then in most cases we are the Master of Ceremonies. There are some situations in which an event may have a special guest as their host or Master of Ceremonies. In those cases we still create the timeline of events and help that person stay on track and give them everything they need to be successful.